Kask Equestrian official sponsor

I’m so happy to enter the family of Kask_Equestrian, Italian manufacturing brand of equestrian helmets, who especially realized for me a Star Lady Pure Shine Chrome model from the new collection, in lucid black with a front red logo matching the colours of my Ea.St Riding Wear show uniform and embellished with real swarovski. A unique jewell who perfectly represents me: combining elegance with sport.

Did you already know that every Kask helmet is fully customizable in each part with all colours, totally handmade and produced in Italy? you’ll be able to built a draft of the helmet of your dreams, once the configurator will be released on their website very soon. So excited for this new adventure!

Kask also choose Scuderia Monteleone equestrian centre, whose manager is showjumping rider and Federal instructor Sebastiano Ringozzi, for representing the brand, between other nine centres selected into the entire Italian country.



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